Conservatory Glass Roofing

Who wouldn’t want a perfect view of the night sky while staying indoors? Yes! I’m talking about a roof made of glass. When we go to luxurious malls, airport, hotels, some of them, if not most, have glass anchorage roofing, we cannot help ourselves be overwhelmed by it. We cannot deny it outstanding effect of the interior elegance. Although it more costly than other types of roofing, you might want to consider after knowing its advantages.

Glass Roofing

Before I tell you its advantages, let me tell you first some of its disadvantages. One disadvantage is that it requires extreme care upon installation. Having professionals to do the job is the best option. You also need to consult to an architect if having a roof glass be fine with you considering structural and location factors. Another disadvantage is the ventilation but I believe it can be easily resolved. Maintenance and repairs might be costly.

Now, let’s proceed to its advantages:

Solar Control

Solar control glasses reduce heat that passes through the conservatory. This is perfect for those who enjoy a little heat from sunlight.  Also, during cold weather, its insulation keeps the interior of the house warm enough. That means you can have comfortable temperature all year long.


Since it has an adaptable temperature conditions, bills for heating or cooling will be cut down.

No Leaks

No one wants a leaking roof. Although roof leakage is sometimes inevitable, glass roofing will never leak (unless you break it good).


Rain washes off dirt on your roof, so you don’t have to worry about becoming a part-time spiderman climbing on top your roof just to have it clean. Thus, there will be fewer accidents from falling off the house roof.

Reduced Rain Noise

I love rain. I love how it sounds on the metal roof, on the asphalt road, and on the pond. But the sound of rain on a glass roof is another experience. Do you know what I mean?

Natural Day Light

Another energy efficiency factor! Maximizing indoor light, without using or with less use of electric lights, cuts down your electric bill. It also gives you a natural experience with that of being outdoors. Imagine yourself reading a book under a glass roof. Again, do you know what I mean?

Best View

This is the last one on this list but never the least! In fact, this is the main reason why anyone would consider having a glass roof. Night sky, stars, moon, sunrise, sunset, and even rain! These are natural stress relievers. A home should be the place where we feel secure and where we can rest. Adding these views in our home is priceless. Just imagine the countless scenarios you can have under a glass roof.

Imagine not only the scenarios where you are doing something you like but also the scenarios where you are with someone you love – your family, friends, and lover, and even being alone with yourself. This is the part where you’ll agree with me – it is worth it.